South East Academy Fitness Challenge 2011

7-10pm, December 1st, Hilltop Community Centre, High Wycombe


The human body has things called muscles. They work hard. They do double duty on moving us and showing off. But unlike the liver and the heart, muscles are not our friends. If you turn your back on your muscle for a second, it's gone. You have to show your muscles who's boss. The fact is that muscles have egos just like people, and like my students' spirit, the muscles' spirit to resist participation has to be broken. Muscles have got to be tamed, and it takes more than just exertion. Exercise is a mind game; it's messing with the muscles' minds. That takes dedication, grace, and the proper brand-name accessories. Muscles are the antagonist, taunting and playing hard-to-get, and subduing them is an art.

...And so we bring to you the first South East Academy of Martial Arts Fitness Challenge!


Anyone man enough to take on the south east academy end of year fitness challenge is embarking on an intensive workout. And not those fancy-pants, mathematical workings out - a real man workout. We are talking jackknives, sit ups, push downs, shuttle runs and a damn good beasting... and that's just the warm up run!. Victims will also terrorise their muscles with our extreme circuit session where we'll see what your made of, and what you had for dinner too.

Your muscles will say die, Your hearts will say die, the Grim Reaper himself will say die, but you will keep on going... or we'll make you do it again.

But remember "Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever".

South East Academy of Martial Arts Fitness Challenge... Only the hardcore need apply!

If you would like to take part, click I'm no wuss for the application form, fill it in and return it to Richie or Martin with a tenner at the Tuesday class at Hilltop or Friday class at Marlow.
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